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Wine packaging innovation leads the market trend

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Winepackaginginnovationleadsthemarkettrend    Wineandpackagingaretwomutuallyintegratedinteractiveindustriesthatpromoteeachother.Thefuturecompetitionofthewineindustrywillgraduallybetransformedintoadept
  Wine packaging innovation leads the market trend
  Wine and packaging are two mutually integrated interactive industries that promote each other. The future competition of the wine industry will gradually be transformed into a depth shuffle, entering into a competition of quality, brand and packaging. Over the years, the form of wine packaging has emerged. For a wine company, if the problem of packaging is solved, it means half of the new wine is completed.
  Wine packaging plays a vital role in today's markets. Most consumers determine the market value of wine based on their packaging, because they are often misled by the luxury of packaging. The value of wine packaging is mainly reflected in the design of packaging containers and boxes, not to grandstand to win. In the market competition, the packaging should reflect the level and class of the wine, not the fish eyes. General wine packaging can divide the gift box, tall, medium, low four levels is to be completed.
  Wine containers are containers and tools that are used directly for wine. The most common wine container is a 500ml bottle. Then there are the bottles, POTS and jars. There are two kinds of wine bottles in today's market, one is glass bottle and the other is ceramic bottle, the former is transparent and luxuriant, in terms of materials. The latter glaze is a person, noble and elegant. Creates but due to the different modelling, style is elegant, richly, luxurious, bold, delicate, simple, sincere, and exquisite, clumsy feeling, consumers have good and bad, beauty and ugliness, and sometimes additional BianBao of brewery enterprise culture quality, enterprise should according to the market demand, therefore, apt to design the shape of the liquor container and the specifications.
  In recent years, crystal glass bottles and foreign bottles are popular. As the containers of white wine, crystal clear and transparent, the texture of the wine is very good, so the scope of application is relatively wide. Some companies also slightly did some innovation on the basis of this, as some wedding with wine, will be new photos by processing into the bottle, the moral is: the long for a long time, get the consistent high praise in the wedding market. In contrast, pottery vessels have performed poorly in this regard, but ceramic products have been more consistent with older brands and cultures.
  And the wine box packing is the carton packing outside the bottle. It is a direct attraction to merchants and consumers. The Chinese people like red, yellow and other festive colors. Therefore, the packaging of the wine is a lot of gold resplendent, red hot. If everyone is "red in one piece" on the packaging, it is better to create another color for the wine packaging. Like blue mausoleum wine, the outer package USES blue, more can show its unworldly, but more than red and yellow show nobility. In addition, the design of the wine box is also an important link in the packaging of the wine box. The novel design can bring a fresh feeling to consumers.
  In recent years, in wine packaging design commendable place is not much, but in terms of packaging materials and technology, increase a lot of scientific and technological content, has obtained certain breakthrough, also promoted the development of wine packaging market. The wine packaging not only needs to be done, but also must be done well, must grasp the consumer to seek new and different psychology, dare to innovate, out of its own way, walk in the front of the packaging.