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The second China printing packaging equipment and technology exhibition

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  Prepress system: a phototypesetter, scanners, proofing machine, printer, printing machine, plate maker, plate machine, drying machine, light painting machine, copy machine, tension wire mesh machine, output, developing machine, engraving machine, spraying machine, electronic color separation, solvent recovery machine, CTP system, application software, multi-function equipment, etc.
  Printing machine, offset printing, flexo, gravure, embossed, screen printing, pad printing, screen printing, printing, thermal transfer, water transfer printing, digital, rotation, trademarks, notes, business CARDS, stickers, special printing machinery, etc.
  Post-press equipment: number of paper machine, paper cutter, gathering machine, folding machine, book core pressing machine, sewing machine, glue machine, grilled park ridge, back book block posted back machine, machine, ironing machine, shell on the machine, the wire back stapler, interlocking machine, wrapping machine, die-cutting machine, box, box machine, bag making machine, plastic bag printing machine, golden hot printing machine, printing machine, plastic packing machine, plastic composite equipment, cutting machine, indentation machine, pressing machine, film machine, polishing machine, mounted machine, printing can, bale machine, all kinds of corrugated carton manufacturing machinery and so on.
  Printed materials: all kinds of printing paper, ink, additives, plate, air cushion rubber blanket, printing film, chemical materials, photographic drugs, plate making software, shot material and the other printing tools, testing instrument table, printing machine, automatic control equipment and other auxiliary machinery and electronic products, etc.
  Packaging machinery, filling, filling machine, sealing, printing, printing, labeling machine, vacuum, blister, sterile, heat shrinkable packaging machinery, wrapping package machine, strapping machine, paste machine, conveyor, high frequency heat sealing machine, bag making machine, carton (box) machinery packaging test equipment and auxiliary general accessories, and other packaging related machinery, etc.
  Packaging products: new type of green environmental protection biodegradable packaging products, paper, wood, plastic, glass, metal packaging containers, packaging technology, packaging anti-counterfeiting technology of green environmental protection, packaging design, packaging technology, packaging, print media, etc.
  Packing materials: laser packaging film, cardboard paper tube, adhesive tape, hot melt adhesive, aluminum foil material, foam film and sheet, coating materials, anti-counterfeiting packaging materials such as various paper-plastic packaging materials, laser materials, green environmental protection packaging materials, etc.
  Start time: 2008-12-06
  End of time: 2008-12-08
  Venue: linyi luxin international convention and exhibition center
  Lian: Mr. Wang li
  Contact number: 0539-2151817
  Host: linyi press, linyi, linyi development and reform commission, linyi printing industry association, linyi book industry association
  Organizer: linyi force exhibition co. LTD