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The development of die-cutting technology has promoted the application of paper packaging

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  As the paper packaging has the advantages of recyclable and non-polluting environment, it is inevitable that the paper packaging will be followed by the current wave of green packaging. In transport packaging, cartons made of corrugated paper have a tendency to replace wooden boxes. A multi-layer paper bag made of paper, which can be used as a packaging for powder bags (cement, chemical raw materials); A composite tank made of cardboard can be used as a substitute for metal cans of certain commodities. In the sales packaging, paper bags made of paper and cardboard are widely used. The appearance of paper composite materials expands the application scope of paper materials in sales packaging. In terms of a typical sales packaging container, folding carton, not only widely used in medicine, food, daily provisions, arts and crafts of packaging, also a large number of applied to drink, washing supplies, stationery, hardware products packaging.
  Facts have proven that China's packaging market demand is gradually with the European and American standards, therefore the varieties of paper, design increasingly, and actively developing, high-end exquisite color printing packaging, in order to increase the added value of products.
  In recent years, people have deeply realized that only the combination of prepress, printing, printed after the true, the whole printing industry to comply with the requirement of times development, the concept of healthy development of the die cutting, creasing and important position
  Many printed matter, such as trademarks, labels, bottles, etc., they often use arc or rounded corners: the edge of the container class is printed matter due to its complicated shape and rolling, tangent to facilitate molding, so you can't use paper cutter cut out commonly, die-cutting and creasing processing must be conducted.
  Die cutting is a steel knife chip frame (or a steel plate engraving frame), and the entire printing of the printed matter is cut into a single graphic product processing procedure.
  In addition to the current domestic use of the multi-layer wood veneer, foreign countries also use fiber plastic plate and sandwich steel plate.
  The material of fiber plastic sheet is glass fiber reinforced plastic, even if there is obvious change in temperature and relative humidity, there will be no obvious change in size. In the process of production, the high-pressure water jet cutting technology controlled by computer ensures the precision of processing and avoids the environmental problems caused by the gas and smoke caused by the laser cutting grooves.
  The steel plate is used in the bottom die (backing) plate, which is used in the construction of the steel plate in the middle of the steel plate. The advantages of the steel plate are the long service life and high precision.
  Die cutting version depends on the quality of the die cutter and the number of times. The die-cutting version of the fiber plastic plate and the sandwich steel plate are three times and six times respectively.
  2. Slot open
  In just over 10 years, China's die-cutting manufacturing industry has developed from original lead layout to today's widely accepted laser cutting. At present, a large part of the floor slotting of multi-layer wood veneer is made by hand sawing process and machine tool boundary.
  In foreign countries, the laser cutting process is adopted in addition to the high pressure water injection of the fiber plastic plates and the multi-layer wood plywood and sandwich steel plate. Die cutting laser cutting system consists of laser processing head, computer aided design (CAD) software, computer numerical control device (CNC), workbench, etc.
  Laser cutting is the cutting process of laser as a heat source. Under certain environmental conditions by machining surface absorbed and continuous beam radiation and heat up to overheating caused by melting and evaporation due to heat conduction, heat quickly spread to the material on the surface of the interior, the internal temperature reaches melting point, at this point, the material easy gasification ingredients to produce a certain pressure to the explosion of the melt broken. The materials that are removed by laser cutting are mainly gasification and produce dust. Therefore, the gas is sprayed with certain pressure to assist in the process of cutting. Laser cutting metal materials in the same direction of oxygen blowing oxygen combustion effect makes the combustion can produce more energy, the metal melt, at the same time, the blowing effect and molten steel slag blown away, neat, smooth and uniform kerf up and down. Laser cutting board or metal speed, high accuracy, accurate graphics.
  From the perspective of the relative motion mode of laser beams with plywood, a workpiece portable mobile (fixed) laser beam, laser beam (fixed) the workpiece and the composite form of these two approaches.
  Indentation is the use of steel wire to run marks on the printed material or leave a slot mark for bending.
  Indentation and die-cutting are the most commonly used processing techniques of container type, especially paper box. Paper box forming and processing, usually the steel line of the die cutting tool and indentation are arranged in the same space to make the die-cutting and indentation work done once.
  Die-cutting as the important technology of packaging and printing processing is the key to determine the success or failure of printing products.
  Processing high quality, to get a well-presented, service life long packaging products: processing poor quality, will make the packaging and printing products look rough, reduce the service life (for example, cartons and other products due to the crack of indentation line); It even causes the scrap of printed matter (such as the exquisite box and box, because the die cutting error cannot be a box or box).
  The development trend of the production technology of die cutting